customer life-cycle management

Customer Lifecycle Management is a concept which has been used by other industries such as telecommunication companies effectively for customer retention, up-sell and cross-sell their products. Many Banks have not yet ventured in this area. Today with the uptake of internet & mobile banking, the traditional branch banking will give way to a new customer interaction.

tecways has a sophisticated, multi-channel, platform tecCLM, which will help banks the first time to get a 360° degree view of their customers. This solution will enable all departments to interact with its customer with consistent messages, at the right time with the correct content.

tecCLM will move Call Centers from being a cost center to become a revenue producing department of the bank. Call Center Agents will be fully empowered by tecCLM and getting the right information at the right time to cater to the customers.

Banks will become fully customer-centric and will be able to market their products and offering more effective to their customers, at the same time banks will become more cost effective at will be able to lower dramatically the costs of operations.

Research has shown that improving the customer experience, i.e. how a customer feels about the way they are approached by a company, has a significant, positive impact on revenues and long-term customer value.

Every day customers are flooded with sales messages from a huge range of companies via every media channel for an endless array of products. Personalised dialogues for individual customer are not happening. Consequently, they are reacting to marketing campaigns with an apathy that often turns into antipathy. tecCLM will change this and will give customers again the feeling of being cared of and fully understood by the bank.

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