Our ready-made CLM platform is ready to go. It has the full set of functionality needed to implement CLM right out of the box. It comes with proven, predefined business process, all the necessary applications, management and integration tools, and a complete set of communication gateways. This means a fast, low risk implementation with minimal resources to get immediate business benefits.

  • Discover the churn reasons for already churned and predictive churn list customers
    → Unique visualization and understanding of churn drivers
  • Find out the root causes of churn with affected parameters
    → Ranking of key churn drivers by churn contribution
  • Correlate churn root causes with customers experiences at the critical touch points
    → Single view of customer includes all interaction data
    → Un matched ability to monitor customer behavior in real time
  • Derive the initiatives and critical parameters for relevant churn contributors to reduce the churn
    → Understanding by business users allow quick appropriate action to be taken
    → Pre-packaged programs allow a fast start
  • Track and monitor the initiatives and actions
  • Monitor the impact of churn numbers and total loss
    → Sophisticated Customer Lifecycle Management dashboard

Additional Features

  • Implementing Best Practice and Experience
    → Rapid implementations build on experience
    → Understanding and prediction is nothing without execution
    → Market and regulatory changes require a data-driven approach
  • Build a customer level view
    → Place customers on the portfolio management curve
    → Understand all drivers of churn
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
    → Understand and segment appropriately by customer value
    → Predict future customer lifetime value
    → Engage in value-increasing dialogues
  • Target Cross-Sell and Up-Sell initiatives
    → Ensure that the right message is presented in every opportunity
  • Build Models of Save-ability
    → Move from churn prediction to save-ability prediction
    → Only target valuable customers at risk who you can save




implementing tecCLM

Our experience of implementing tecCLM platform,  shows that the most successful implementations of CLM will be those that meet the following key criteria:

  1. Fast start with proven, pre-defined CLM programs
  2. Multiple communication touchpoints fully ready for implementation 
  3. Comprehensive set of CLM telco applications 
  4. Easy management of content, business rules and results 
  5. Easy integration with freedom of choice 
  6. Orchestration of existing systems 
  7. Full support for SOA and EAI 
  8. Ready-made for implementation - lower the risk and create immediate financial return.

tecCLM delivers the following proven results:

  • Reduction in:
  • Churn
  • Customer complaints
  • Cost of interaction
  • Cost of fulfillment
  • Increase in:
  • Revenues
  • Profitability

recCLM delivers the improved customer experience by:

  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Creating personalized communications with customers
  • Dealing with crucial customer events – like churn
  • Handling fulfillment of all customer requests and transactions
  • Managing fulfillment across partners; cross-selling and bundling of offers
  • Developing a high level of personalization