billing & rating

In the fast moving market of telecom operators today which is moving towards multi-service offerings, pricing and bundling is a key strategic weapon. In traditional billing systems (prepaid and postpaid) there is a lot of disjointed labour intensive work involved and simply cannot meet the time to market requirements of telecom business.

Pricing creativity should be unrestricted and changes need to be rolled out in hours and days and not in weeks and months. Additionally, production platforms need to be close to the network elements and have the ability to handle large volumes of transactions on line in real time.

tecways understands this strategic role of pricing and rating and provides a solution that bridges the front office with the back office. Marketing and pricing teams are empowered with business tools that allow them to build complex and creative promotions whether this will be to address mobile billing, MVNO billing, VOIP billing or triple play billing.

Pricing changes, large or small, can be simulated, tested and made live on the production rating engine without costly development cycles thus dramatically improving the competitive advantage of the business by reducing time to market and lowering operational costs compared to traditional billing and prepaid systems.

tectransact rating engine has been proven to provide high transaction throughput, high availability and low total costs of operations (TCO) in high volume billing for online, real time operations.

tecways Billing & Rating Solution

High-performance and flexibility is only effective when it is end-to-end. tecways pricing, rating and billing integration framework offer a comprehensive Charging System. The combined solution provides network access convergence and simultaneously handles prepaid and postpaid subscribers. New protocols and parameters from both Wireless and Wireline access networks can be easily and quickly integrated into the framework and are seamlessly managed by the tecways rating engine.


The arrival of broadband networks, wireless data and range of new devices has brought about endless possibilities for new service offerings to both residential and corporate customers. These lucrative opportunities for revenue generation have inevitably brought with them now technical and commercial challenges. Delivering the right service mix to the right customer segments requires accurate business modeling with the right infrastructure and toolsets in place.

It is the very capabilities of the rating engine that determine the diversity of service bundles and how fast they can be introduced to the market. To achieve profitability in a highly competitive marketplace, the choice of rating engine is now critical.