mobile banking & payment

tecways has recognized the potential to connect mobile handsets to access bank accounts and to enable mobile wallets. Together with two German retail bank tecways developed an end-to-end secure financial platform, which enables banks to connect with its customers safely and securely across any operator. The result is tecMtransact a comprehensive suite of solutions from tecMpay, tecWallet to tecMbanking.

With tecMtransact tecways adds an independent security layer to the existing mobile communication channel with the capability to host multiple banks, multiple bank accounts and even multiple users from a single handset. This technology architecture is suited to be a common backbone for banks / financial institutions in a country.

Our comprehensive solution from token (card) issuance to routing the encrypted message, wallet solution, real-time rating, charging and billing, etc. empowers banks to achieve financial inclusion in rural and urban settings by making the bank account / wallets accessible on the mobile in a secure, affordable and easy to use way.

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identity access management

A digital economy can not flourish without trust and trust can not be established without proper Digital Identity Management and Access Control.

Corporates, Governments, Societies, etc. are all facing the same problem of protecting digital and physical content from unauthorised access and yet facilitating ease of usage. Grabbling with various authentication protocols, biometric data, passwords and PINs, securing these precious information from bad elements is a major challenge for any organisation.

Today already millions of access details have been leaked or been stolen, leaving customers and organisiations in a confused status of trust and distrust.

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  • Digital Signature

    Digital signatures are equivalent to traditional handwritten signatures in many respects. Properly implemented digital signatures are more difficult to forge than the handwritten type. Digital signature schemes, are cryptographically based, and must be implemented properly to be effective.

    Digital signatures can also provide non-repudiation, meaning that the signer cannot successfully claim they did not sign a message, while also claiming their private key remains secret. Further, some non-repudiation schemes offer a time stamp for the digital signature, so that even if the private key is exposed, the signature is valid.

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  • Benefits


    • Lower cost

    • Better customer

    • Faster contract