encryption, key management & operation of hardware security modules

In modern-day applications, data encryption is an essential part of software development and deployment. Every single piece of data has its own importance, and we can’t leave them vulnerable, without any encryption mechanisms or security features in place. Encryption of data has become a major safeguard for data which resides in a database, file system and other applications which transmit data. Given the magnitude of data security requirement, one must follow the best practices while implementing encryption mechanisms and data security.

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Participates learn important aspects of designing and implementing a data security plan. tecways explains how to implement a data security plan at local level and distribute it throughout the enterprise or to implement it at a central location on a separate encryption server. We explain distributed encryption and decryption processes, how key management has to ensure the secured distribution and management of keys. Detailed explanation will be given how Software and Hardware performs the encryption at the file level, database level and application level is well known for providing the highest level of security while allowing users full access to the application.

Even if we have the best available encryption mechanism implemented, it is always advisable to have support for different encryption technologies. This becomes essential in cases of mergers and acquisitions. In either of the two scenarios, we need to work with our business partners in our ecosystems. Having a security system in place which supports the major industry standard encryption algorithm ensures the organization is well prepared to accept any new government rules and regulations. (Sometimes you need more than just encryption to keep your data safe. Check out



cyber security module

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