Mediation is a key part of any operational support system (OSS) in a telecom operation and it sits in between the very complex physical network of switches from multiple vendors. The problem that mediation solves is that it makes the operational (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) of the telecom operator independent of the physical network of switches.

Mediation deals with incompatible usage data from the complex physical network of switches and performs one or more of the following functions such as collection, forwarding, aggregation, correlation, consolidation, enrichment, validation, filtration, processing and de-duplication. Mediation also checks for errors, provides audit trails and archives such usage data.


tecways has upgraded its mediation offerings to meet the current and future requirements of telecom operators. This new offering called tecMediator is far ahead of its competitors in terms of functionality, ease of use and cost of ownership.

The most important competitive advantage that tecMediator provides telecom operators is the ability to introduce new services faster and more cost effectively than other any other mediation vendor in the market today.

Equally importantly its user friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drag and drop capability and a powerful work flow function allows the non technical user to deal with virtually any operational change without having to depend on technical support from the mediation vendor.

tecMediator provides a real-time, bi-directional information and control exchange between the network- and BSS/OSS layers. It protects both the legacy investments of the telecom operator as well as provides for upgrading to the latest 3G and new generation networks of the future.


tecMediator is the most advanced active mediation product on the market and offers the following advanced functions and features:

  • Fully convergent active mediation – supports any voice and data switched network, any real-time and batch combination, including bi-directional mediation, on the same platform
  • Manages any network topology – Voice and Data
  • Carrier-grade Functionality, Scalability/Latency, and Availability
  • Outstanding flexibility and adaptability based on:
  • Intuitive GUIs designed to model real business processes
  • Configuration, not customization
  • User-friendly – non technical users can manage operations
  • Truly hardware independent
  • Unparalleled Speed of Implementation
  • Built on a robust state-of-the-art software architecture
  • Next generation – distributed and hardware independent execution
  • Low dependence on 3rd party products, including database if required
  • Scalable and distributed – vertical and horizontal
  • Modular Design – adaptation through plug-and-play

All the above features and benefits provides the telecom operator with an unparalleled price/performance advantage required to compete in todays fast changing marketplace.

Additional Benefits

  • Protection of existing hardware investments
  • Only one convergent system required, across networks, services & payment models, no need for 2-3 parallel systems
  • Ease of introducing new services
  • Ease of interfacing to existing / new network technologies as well as downstream systems
  • Avoids the need for duplicated interface management / mediation functionality in other systems (network elements, fraud management, revenue assurance, performance management, etc.)
  • Empowering the mediation operations team of the telecom operator by avoiding time consuming routine manual work.due to ease of operating & maintaining the mediation system
  • Telecom operator is self sufficient and less dependent on external vendor to maintain and run the mediation system and to introduce new services.

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