tecways 3G, 4G & 5G Solutions

tecways noticed very early the need for highly flexible, scalable, and real-time-based mediation platforms to control advanced 3G and 4G mobile services.

tecways believes that the success of operators depends on the ability to bill contents and services in a highly complex interdependent environment of MVNO's, content providers and innovative operator services.

tecways Mediation Solutions are ready to serve as the ultimate control centre for this needs. tecways Mediation Solutions can handle complex collection, processing, rating and provisioning processes between mobile and IP network elements such as switches, charging gateways, IP application servers and radius servers and business support systems like billing or CRM platforms. tecways 3G, 4G & 5G solutions are ready for all kinds of billing models:

  • Duration
  • Event
  • Volume
  • Value based
  • Fluctuating
  • Multi address
  • Third party
  • Multidirectional
  • Multi level MVNO
  • Multi level content provider

tecways Mediation Solutions are also the basis for various tecways 3G & 4G service and application platforms like:

  • 3G-revenue- assurance- tool
  • 2,5, 3G and 4G Multi level MVNO Integration System
  • 2,5, 3G and LTE carrier to content provider billing interface
  • Cable Operators and Broadband Service Providers
  • Triple-play and quadtruple-play
  • Highly secure mobile banking platform
  • Pay TV - Operator Integration System
  • Gaming and "bet and win" platform
  • Handset Identification System

tecways is an experienced partner to all kinds of 2,5G, 3G and LTE operators and Service providers and the new class of  "voice over IP" operators and supports it's costumers in the process from the first soft switch roll-out to large advanced 3G networks and partner structures.

tecways knows about the interdependent needs of CRM, billing, marketing, sales and finance divisions in 3G environments and therefore supports quick, revenue assured roll-outs of complex 3G & 4G Services.

For tecways customers, all these translate to

  • Fast time to market for new services
  • Easy integration of new Partners (MVNO's, content providers..)
  • Access to various application and service platforms

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