Informed Consent

Informed consent is a vital document in a user management process. Proper documentation and counseling of users is important in any informed consent.

The concept of consent arises from the ethical principle of user's autonomy and basic human rights. Users have all the freedom to decide what should or should not happen to them and to gather information before agreeing. No one else has the right to coerce the user to act in a particular way.

There is also a legal angle to this concept. No one has the right to even touch, let alone treat another person. Any such act, done without permission, is classified as “battery” - physical assault and is punishable. Hence, obtaining consent is a must for anything other than a routine process.

In simple terms "informed consent", it can be defined as an instrument of mutual communication between a provider of services and a user with an expression of authorization/permission/choice by the latter for the provider to act in a particular way.

The biggest challenge in the process is documentation, which is legally strong enough to protect both citizen as well the service provider.

tecMtransact platform is ideal for any provider, whether government or other service provider to establish a clear and audit-able informed consent from the user.

Depending on the requirement the consent request can be configured and the user can use the in-build Digital Signature infrastructure to sign the consent form digitally. By this method it will be easy, cost and time efficient to manage "informed consent" for large customer and user basis.

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