Digital Signature

In todays age of digitization the person's signature also needs to be adapted to make it simple for computers to verify the identity of a person

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key that certifies the identity of the holder, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). It typically contains a person's identity (name, email, country, account name and the person's public key). Digital Certificates use a Public Key Infrastructure, where data that have been digitally signed or encrypted by a private key can only be decrypted by its corresponding public key. A digital certificate is an electronic "card" that establishes the credentials of the person when doing business or other transactions in the digital world.

Our tecToken Infrastructure enables users and providers alike to take advantage of an in-built comprehensive digital signature infrastructure and leveraging a host of benefits such as:

  • Lower Cost

There are direct savings in adopting a paperless process, including the cost of paper, ink, printer maintenance and shipping costs. Besides this, there a lot of indirect savings, including the time saved that would’ve been spent filing paper documents, rekeying data, searching for lost documents or tracking down a contract that’s been lost in the mail.  

  • Better Customer Relationship

Increasing number of Users/Customers are getting used to doing business online, and they’ve come to expect businesses they work with to provide online services. Today the global cell phone penetration has almost reached 70% of the global population. With so many people doing business online, it’s  optimal to use the online digital  platform to  handle the last step in business operations—the signature.

With digital signature software, you can sign contracts online with nothing to download or install. As long as users have an Internet connection, they can sign documents no matter where they travel or are located in the world. This online service adds value for users by making it fast and easy to do business with. 

  • Faster Order to Cash 

Because it’s so fast and easy to sign documents online, you’re sure to see faster contract turnaround. It’s also easy to quickly execute contracts that have multiple signers. After the first person signs, the electronic signature software automatically routes documents to the next signer in the workflow. And when you get documents signed in minutes, you can get paid faster than ever before. In fact, businesses in a variety of industries have reported that electronic signatures help speed up sales cycles by up to 400 percent.

  • Monitoring Progress

It can be so frustrating to wonder, “Has he signed yet?” or “Did my email go through?” You can say goodbye to those days if you adopt electronic signatures. Digital signature software makes it easy to track and monitor documents in your online dashboard. This software platform will even send signers a reminder email if they forget to sign.

  • Enhanced Document Security

In the paper world, documents are secured by putting them in a locked file storage cabinet. The file cabinet could even be further secured in a locked room. But even with those precautions, someone could break in and tamper with documents. The only evidence you’d have would be a broken lock (if at all), and then you would have to guess which file was altered.

This type of document security is a liability for anyone, and it’s unnecessary. With our advanced electronic signature software, you can safeguard your documents with a high level of document security and evidence. Each signature is protected with a tamper-evident seal, which alerts you if any part of the document is changed after signing. Signed documents also come with a highly detailed log of events of the document’s lifecycle. Using this evidence, you can see when each person signed the document, which signers downloaded a copy of the finished document, and much more.

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