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The 21st century will see new lifestyles that will be propelled by the advances in digital wireless communication. 5G or 5th generation systems offer the potential for a myriad of new content based services to take advantage of the cost effective high speed data services.

5th generation systems are different from 2nd and 3rd generation systems as a result of two factors that enable these new content based services to be delivered cost effectively to customers. These two factors are Packet Data transmission (Internet Protocol or IP) and High Bit Rate transmission which allows new services such as video and high quality audio broadcast services.

While customers of telecom operators need not worry about how 4G communication technologies work it becomes mission critical for telecom operators to have an underlying technology platform that can handle the challenges of operating in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G environments.

The heart of this underlying technology platform is Mediation which sits in between the very complex physical network of switches from multiple vendors and the billing system. Mediation deals with incompatible usage data from the complex physical network performs one or more of the following functions such as collection, forwarding, aggregation, correlation, consolidation, enrichment, validation, filtration, processing and de-duplication. Mediation also checks for errors, provides audit trails and archives the usage data.

Most telecom operators today will be faced with the challenge of upgrading this underlying platform called mediation since apart from the above complexities there is an additional challenge of convergence. Telecom operators are now offering a range of options such as fixed line, wireless, multiple billing methods such as post paid or pre-paid, multiple services such as data services, video services, audio services, financial services, etc. Customers expect a single bill from the telecom operator for all these multiple services.

Hence convergent billing has become an important requirement for telecom operators. Such convergence also imposes challenges on the underlying mediation platform since it must be designed and architected for real time convergence especially in the case of prepaid billing.

mediation system

  • mediation

    Mediation is a key part of any operational support system (OSS) in a telecom operation and it sits in between the very complex physical network of switches from multiple vendors. The problem that mediation solves is that it makes ...

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  • tecMediator

    tecways has upgraded its mediation offerings to meet the current and future requirements of telecom operators. This new offering called tecMediator is far ahead of its competitors in terms of ...

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  • tecMediator features

    tecMediator is the most advanced active mediation product on the market and offers the following advanced functions and features ...


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  • messaging platforms

    tecways strategy is to offer fully integrated suite of best of breed solutions across the entire OSS/BSS solution stack to its customers being a one stop shop for every key requirement of a tier 1 telecom operators. It achieves this goal by ...

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  • analytics

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      Customer Life-cycle Mgmt.

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      Enterprise Marketing Mgmt.

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  • customer lifecycle management

    Telecom companies especially in pre-paid markets are facing high degree of churn. Thus it imperative for telcos to understand the unique needs of each individual in order to improve results.

    Customer Lifecycle Management is a continuous automated process where the operator treats each individual customer differently using the insight from a structured customer interaction to customize information, messages, offers or products to the customer. ...

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3G, 4G & 5G Solutions

tecways noticed very early the need for highly flexible, scalable, and real-time-based mediation platforms to control advanced 3G and 4G mobile services.

tecways believes that the success of operators depends on the ability to bill contents and services in a highly complex interdependent environment of MVNO's, content providers and innovative operator services....

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Success Stories

  • changing a billing system

    tecways helped to ensure, that a customer's transition to a new BSS vendor went as painlessly as possible by strategic mediation at the billing and customer-care system interfaces.  The Collection and Provisioning streams ...

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  • delivery of a provisioning mediation

    Quick delivery, configuration and integration of a new provisioning mediation system enabled a tecways customer to realize their accelerated introduction schedule for a new Customer Administration platform ...


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