mobile banking & payment

tecways has recognized the potential to connect mobile handsets to access bank accounts and to enable mobile wallets. Together with two German retail bank tecways developed an end-to-end secure financial platform, which enables banks to connect with its customers safely and securely across any operator. The result is tecMtransact a comprehensive suite of solutions from tecMpay, tecWallet to tecMbanking.

With tecMtransact tecways adds an independent security layer to the existing mobile communication channel with the capability to host multiple banks, multiple bank accounts and even multiple users from a single handset. This technology architecture is suited to be a common backbone for banks / financial institutions in a country.

Our comprehensive solution from token (card) issuance to routing the encrypted message, wallet solution, real-time rating, charging and billing, etc. empowers banks to achieve financial inclusion in rural and urban settings by making the bank account / wallets accessible on the mobile in a secure, affordable and easy to use way.

key features

  • security & trust

    Security is imperative for any Mobile Banking to create the trust in users to adopt any mobile banking and payment platform. tecways has been approached by two leading German banks to develop a comprehensive solution, which secures any transaction between the mobile phone and the bank.

  • any handset

    Most mobile banking solutions are app based and work only on smart phones, leaving a large market of feature phone users unaddressed. tecways mobile transaction platform is all inclusive and works on all handsets whether it is a feature phone or the latest smartphone.

  • any where

    tecways mobile banking and payment platform allows users even in poorly covered areas with only 2G connectivity to perform secure banking and payment without any compromises, thus being an important building block for Financial Inclusion.

  • multi bank

    tecways enables the co-location of multiple bank accounts, whether within one bank or different banks in one mobile phone.

  • across telcos

    tecways connects to all mobile phones irrespective of which mobile network they are using. Thus making it ubiquitous

  • int. remittance

    tecways enables migrant labour to manage their foreign bank account, home bank account & wallets without incurring roaming charges directly from their work place.

  • tecToken

    tecways has developed tecToken an advanced micro electronic security element, which can easily inserted into any mobile phone - from feature phone to the latest smart phone - to achieve the ultimate security required for banking and payments.

    tecToken consists of a powerful processor and sizeable storage, that allows the most advanced encryption algorithms to be deployed as well as storing data, inclusive of audit trails to be stored in encrypted format independent of the insecure mobile phone infrastructure.

    To allow highest flexibility tecToken can be updated over the air (OTA) any time to make new features and services available to the users. 

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  • tecBanking

    tecways mobile banking platform addresses the key issue of security comprehensively. For the first time, banks are enabled to make their products and services available to all its customers on their mobile phone, irrelevant whether they have feature phones, smart phones or smart phones with an older operating system, which today can not be supported due to security constraints.

    Users will have the full trust and confidence that the utmost security is offered to him by the bank to make financial transactions with his mobile phone. This trust will be the key driver to achieve maximum uptake to reach the goal of the highest levels of adoption and usage.

    Only with a successful uptake of mobile banking banks can achieve financial inclusion and simultaneously lower their operational costs by an order of magnitude.