Learning is a lifelong process, which never stops. tecways realizes that business is in a constant change and requires specialized lectures to constantly augment existing practice and knowledge, widening the perspective for a deeper understanding.

The digital age has brought forward a new challenge called cyber security. All levels of an organization needs to understand the various threats and need to contribute their part of containing exposure. It is therefore imperative that a common understanding of the potential threats is understood across an organization to build the right processes and defence mechanism.

tecways is experienced in making complex topics understood across organizations, so that constructive decisions can be taken with the full understanding of all complexities.

Our aim is to offer in depth understanding to the upper, lower and middle manager of the actual implementation of their solution stack. Thus, they will be able e.g. to create marketing plans, which can be easily implemented, since they have a good understanding of the internals.

"This Academy will give us the opportunity to educate managers of across industries and explaining them how to secure their organisations from security threats. It ensures managers to be fully equipped to take on new challenges and progress within organisation. It may gain valuable insights to help managers and the organisations plan and evolve effectively in the ever-changing telecommunications environment.

This Academy will ensure managers to understand best practice in leadership techniques and how they can be applied within the telecoms industry. The new knowledge and skills will provide a solid platform on which to make strategic, technical, financial and management decisions." - Dr Susanne Gerl, CEO of tecways AG

Training Modules

The training is divided in modules that cover all the information and technologies about telecommunication, financial technologies with focus on security and fraud control.

Below are the list of modules developed for the training program:

telecommunication module

Introduction to telecomunication
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cyber security module

From Introduction to Certification
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blockchain module

Blockchain is the new paradigm to secure transactions
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encryption module

In depth understanding of encryption, key management and operation of hardware security modules
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artificial intelligence /machine learning  module

A strong grounding in the principles and practices around artificial intelligence (AI)
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