customer life-cycle management

Telecom companies especially in pre-paid markets are facing high degree of churn. Thus it imperative for telcos to understand the unique needs of each individual in order to improve results.

Customer Lifecycle Management is a continuous automated process where the operator treats each individual customer differently using the insight from a structured customer interaction to customize information, messages, offers or products to the customer.

tecways helps clients maximize revenue and margin along the subscriber decision journey, from acquisition to upsell/cross-sell to loyalty and retention to debt management. We work with telcos to analyze the behaviors and needs to characterize their most valuable customers, determine the right objectives (e.g., acquisition versus retention), and identify the best ways of being in contact with them (e.g., direct marketing and channel strategy). Our solution focuses on four primary activities:

  • Extending customer lifetime value through deep analytics. tecways solutionn quickly integrates massive amounts of disparate and new sources of data, providing a 360-degree view of the subscriber. Our solution delivers continuous insights into the customers experience and requirements through analytic support.
  • Optimizing loyalty programs. Our experts support telcos to build integrated, cross-functional programs through an in-depth understanding of affinity and traction to new and existing customers. We also help telcos create and monetize loyalty programs and loyalty program data. Lastly, we help telcos to fine tune the program features to maximize returns.
  • Bringing front-line Transformational change. Based on the insights generated by customer data, tecways works along with telcos to develop programs and automation that help those in the front lines to change their behaviors to achieve best customer engagement. We help to find the balance between sophisticated data analysis and bringing the practical front-line change.
  • Improving the customer experience. Measuring customer experience CE) and then optimizing customer experience can create real and quantifiable value for telcos. tecways assistes telcos think through all aspects of options how to interact with subscribers — from price to product to customer service. Good CE requires robust processes and technology.
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