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Even with hundreds of roaming agreements, operators are unable to achieve complete worldwide SMS connectivity. As the alternative, they need to use roaming providers to achieve this objective. However, the SMSC limitations (e.g. routing tables) and the absence of least cost routing leads to cost increase (usually only a single or two providers could be used).

tecSMSHub features

Multi-Operator Support

A single tecSMShub platform can manage several PLMN's at the same time, with a complete traffic separation. This allows a group to manage all its traffic for all its subsidiaries Using a single fault tolerant platform, leading to significant economies of scale.

SMS Relay

This option allows to configure the SMSC as a SMS-Relay; in this case the SMS-Relay acts as a MSC and receives from roaming networks the SMS-MT destined to its PLMN. SMS Relay supports single point of entry for all SMS-MT originate from roaming networks. As a result, SMS spam can be easily detected and blocked. Besides that, it also enables easy setup and effective enforcement Interconnect Fees (IC) with others. It stimulates law enforcement to either receive a copy of SMS sent to given subscribers or even authorize manually those SMS before allowing the transmission.

Refile Option

The Refile Option allows the SMSC to perform IMSI dynamic translation on SMS-MT to be forwarded to roaming PLMN. The SMSC can dynamically change Mobile Country Code, Mobile Network Code & Global Title used in the SS7 MAP SMS requests to forward a SMS from a given PLMN as if it was sent by another PLMN. It also allows to use immediately the other network's AA19 Roaming Agreements when the sender PLMN does not have the roaming agreement with the recipient network. With the Least Cost Routing option is enabled, the system can select the best sender PLMN and the lesser interconnect fee, availability or QoS.

Least Cost Routing

Allows the Network Operator to perform an optimized routing, considering folling factors:

  • Remote PLMN addressed
  • Preferential carrier
  • Interconnect Fees, commercial aspects
  • Throughput
  • Quality of Service
  • Load sharing
  • Security (alternative routing) Managed by the Management Tools via an easy and intuitive Web Interface. It is a complete real-time traffic supervision, billing functions, routing management, PLMN management, tariffs, contracts, interconnect fees, etc.

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